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Wedding Year-Month: 2014-09
From: Natasha & Kash
Dear Donna
My apologies for taking so long to write this testimonial but I always get teary eyed when I think about my amazing wedding which exceeded all my wildest dreams.
After I chose Kefalonia as my destination wedding I spent six months searching for the right wedding planner and after contacting a few I decided to book Donna based on her very bubbly, positive and outgoing personality as well as her extensive experience on the Island and her willingness to help. I honestly can say Kefalonia wedding's services was the best money i have ever spent, priceless indeed. Donna accommodated all my requests and was happy to move at my pace, she did not question any of my decisions and was supportive throughout. I did not once worry about her ability to plan my wedding to perfection as her communication was excellent and she responded to all my emails promptly and professionally. She maintained a professional service with a personal touch as she never forgot what i wanted every time I changed my mind.
Donna arranged all the suppliers for my wedding from the caterers to photographers, hair and makeup. She also offered the best prices which allowed me have all my bespoke extras that made my day extra special. All my guests were in awe at both the ceremony and reception, it still feels like a dream. My husband was thrilled with Kefalonia wedding's service as he says i have never been as relaxed and happy as on our big day. We can honestly say the best day in our lives was our wedding day and it would not have been so without Donna.

Wedding Year-Month: 2014-09
From: The Wilsons!
I just wanted to give you an update as to how we are since the wedding, its crazy as its a mix of feeling a million years ago but also like its just happened as we get to keep reliving it everyday by seeing all the pictures I instantly had printed and framed haha! We also love our video, sooooo pleased we got it filmed!!! So i now have my wedding certificate in English so on my mission to change my name on everything, gunna take a while lol! I've also already had my dress cleaned and boxed, really loved getting to wear it again at our party when we returned!! Miss seeing her hung up!! I'm still enjoying calling Andy my HUSBAND :-) but i still don't feel like Mrs Wilson yet haha! I am also enjoying reminiscing about the wedding and the holiday, and also now so pleased nothing else needs to be organised or arranged so I can enjoy chilling and listening to my other friends who are planning their weddings here...apart from Laura (my Maid of Honour) as she is getting married in Italy, and she actually asked me to be her Italy Maid of Honour which i was soooo thrilled as I loved her being mine!! :-)

I did want to let you know that the group we came with have really grown closer together and it really was the holiday that did that, for example so many of them are now either facebook friends or inviting each other to social events which is just a pleasure! It's so nice for my mums to have met my friends who i now talk about, and they even talk to them without me being involved! Everyone said that not only was the wedding day one of the best weddings they've been to but how much they enjoyed all socialising together before and after to make it so much more personal and fun! :-) just what Andy and I wanted!!!

I wanted to say a massive thank you to you, your team, the hotel staff and the band we had on the day as you all made it so wonderful, intimate, fun and well organised!!
As we were recommended you personally by a friend we would happily share your details with anyone else thinking of planning a wedding and desperately want what we craved - an easy, stress-free, organised plan for a beautiful sunny romantic wedding in Kefalonia! Our family and friends had such a fantastic time too, and it's only after I look back at pictures and the video that I am reminded of all the little additions you ensured were perfect for us on the day where I was too busy/distracted to really appreciate at the time! Flowers, decorations, music, food, drinks, space, constant support and the true princess treatment were all wonderfully perfect and we want to thank you again for that! We also loved receiving our photo album so soon after the day as it was an instant hit with people who weren't able to make it! Hope to catch you when we come out again as the Island was far too beautiful to not get to see it all like some of our guests got to do! :-)

Anyway take care and I'll look out for all your 2015 wedding pictures on FB!

Nikita and Andy
aka...The Wilsons xxx

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