Kefalonia - ‘Jewel of the Ionian’

Although Corfu, Lefkas and Zakynthos are widely known, Kefalonia remains one of the hidden treasures of the Ionian Sea, although the book and the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” have brought it to the attention of more people recently.  The Largest of the seven islands, it is still relatively quiet, relying on the quality than the quantity of tourists it has every summer. The capital, Argostoli, is the main shopping area for holiday makers and locals alike, and the harbour is used by small cruise ships, ferries to other islands, the Greek mainland, and Italy, and also by private motor cruisers and yachts.  The central square (“Valianos Square”) is the place to be on a warm summers evening - a great place for people watchers, where you can sit outside one of the many bars or pavement cafes and watch people strolling by, chatting, laughing, and maybe enjoying an ice-cream. Take a tour of Kefalonia in pictures Sami and Lixouri are also major towns and harbours, and good places to visit. Dividing the island in half is the Ainos mountain range and National Park.  At just over 1600 metres, Ainos itself is the third highest mountain in Greece, and is snow-capped from December to April most years.  This area is home to the unique Kefalonian Pine tree, Abies Cephalonica, and also to the wild Ainos horses. You are spoilt for fantastic beaches and have ample opportunity to visit any beach of your choice from sandy, shingle or rocky. The spectacular Myrtos beach can be found along the western coast at the bottom of fantastic chalk cliffs reflecting the incredible  turquoise blue of the waters. Places of interest to visit whilst on the island are: Melissani Lake where the underground river passes through on its incredible journey from one side of the island to the other. Drogarati Cave full of huge amber and crystal stalagmites and stalactites. Assos and Fiscardo, the villages that survived the catastrophic 1953 earthquake. Robola Winery making wine from the delicate white grapes that originate on the island. Markopoulo, where the extraordinary snake event occurs annually in its’ church. Saint Gerasimos Monastery the resting place of the island’s Patron Saint. Skala and Katelios, home to the Loggerhead Turtles, and both having nice beaches. Kefalonia is an absolute treat for all of your senses: Sight - the colours and contrasts of scenery. Smell - the herbs, flowers and salty sea air. Sound - the clicking and trilling of grasshoppers and crickets, and the gentle lapping of the waves. Spoil yourselves by allowing your whole body and soul enjoy the best of Kefalonia, its people and its hospitality.
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