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We are pleased to be able to offer this service for all our clients. It includes the preparation all legal documentation required for your dream wedding in Kefalonia, if you don't want to do undertake this task yourselves. Androulla Veliotou, is an approved Foreign and Commonwealth Office Interpreter, a member of the Institute of Linguists and a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Based in the UK, she is able to arrange your wedding documentation, translations and can check that all your documents are in order. Just let us know that you require this service when you book your wedding and will arrange for Androulla to contact you. Please Note: Androulla's Comprehensive Service costs are not included in any of the published wedding plan prices and will be paid directly to her in the UK not to Kefalonia Weddings.

Universal documents required by the bride and groom:

Valid 10 year passports. Full birth certificates showing their parents; names. If you do not have the original or do not want to bring the original with you, you  can obtain one from the Registrar holding the Register where your  birth was recorded. Certificate Of No Impediment to Marriage  - this has a 90 day expiry date and is only obtainable 90 days before your wedding date.

Documents where applicable:

Decree absolute bearing court seal. Adoption certificate if you are entered into the registry of adopted children. Deed poll of change of name. Death certificate of deceased spouse. All documents need to be legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office so that an apostille* can be applied. Androulla can undertake this on your behalf, and your documents will now be recognised as legal public documents in Greece. All your documents, except your passports, need to be translated, which Androulla, as an approved Greek Consulate translator can do. Finally, all your documents are ready to go the Greek Consulate for verification, where Androulla can act on your behalf. Although Kefalonia Weddings is offering this excellent service, you may prefer to arrange your documents yourself; please allow time for this as your wedding will not be able to take place if your documents are delayed or incorrect. When you return to the UK with your Greek marriage certificate, send it to Androulla for translation in to English. Please note that it is no longer possible or necessary to register your wedding in the UK as it is already legal and recognized under International Law. All you have to do in order to change your details is to officially translate your Greek Marriage certificate to English. Useful addresses and telephone numbers: For the Legalization of your British documents (Apostille) please visit and follow the link. (this page will provide you with an application form, address to send documents, payment guidance and telephone number) To contact the legalisation office: Telephone: 03700 00 22 44   Consulate General of Greece Epikyrosi Metafraseon 1a Holland Park London W11 3TP Tel: 0207 221 6467 Offices are open Monday to Friday 9.30 AM - 12.30 PM.

Helpful Tips and Advice

When sending your documents to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office AND Greek Embassy it is advisable to enclose a letter clearly stating in BOLD LETTERS: 1. Full names of bride and groom 2. Your address 3. Your telephone number or contact number in case required 4. A stamped addressed envelope with correct registered or recorded postage fee Please also note the following: Both the original and translated & legalised copies of ALL documents must be taken to Greece with you After the wedding, in some town halls your original documents and translations may be kept Your Greek marriage certificate will need to be translated into your native language on return home When you return to the UK you must register your marriage via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office The embassies and offices mentioned are for British citizens residing in the UK. If you are NOT British you will need to contact the appropriate department or embassy in your own country. Don’t forget your travel insurance!
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