Hotels and villas

You don’t have to book your accommodation through us, but we can recommend a choice of accommodation, all of which has been specially selected for quality and value for money.  The hoteliers and apartment owners will be happy to welcome your party, no matter how large or small, but do remember to book early to avoid disappointment.  Choose from: Almyra Hotel, Fiscardo Avra Private Suites, Lassi Petani Bay Hotel, Aghia Thekli, Paliki Mareblue Apostolata Resort and Spa, Skala Panas Hotel, Spartia Simatos Apartments and Studios, Lassi The Trapezaki Bay Hotel, Trapezaki Princess Hotel, Lassi Nine Muses Hotel, Skala Emelisse Hotel, Fiscardo Regina Dell Acqua Resort, 5 star hotel in Skala Europe’s Villas, Fokata, Lakithra In addition, if you have any special preferences (perhaps somewhere that you’ve stayed in the past, or maybe you would like a private villa with pool) do let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you! Of course, even if you have already arranged your own accommodation, we will still be happy to arrange your wedding for you! All of the accommodation that we recommend is Approved by the Hellenic Tourism Organisation. Individual details are shown at the bottom of the respective pages.
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